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Itchy Fingers

ages 5 to 6

Carefully designed for kids aged 5 to 6, this programme fosters creative expression through various mediums. Pedagogy is delivered through a wide range of art processes that bring about concentration, social skills, creative thinking, patience and problem-solving, providing a strong foundation for building blocks beneficial for school-going students.

Happy Hands

ages 3 to 4

We understand and believe in the importance of shaping little minds, especially during their formative years. 
Happy Hands takes a well-rounded approach to art, exposing students to a wide range of art media and themes.

The results in a multi-sensorial journey that sparks the imagination and creative thinking, all done in a fun and engaging way.

Junior Arists

ages 7 to 12

This programme takes artistic exploration further, as inter-disciplinary techniques are introduced to and honed by kids typically aged 7 to 12. Junior Artists provides setting to amplify their imagination. A thematic approach also allows for greater exploration into various topics through different perspectives, academic subjects and creative expressions.

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